10 Tips on How to Dance a Passionate Striptease in a Cam Chat

There is no man who didn’t want to see a striptease. A passionate dance is the most cherished men’s dream. Thus, if you decided to please your online interlocutor in a video chat and dance it for him, this article will be quite useful for you.

Who usually dances the striptease? When we speak about such a private dance, different women choose it for different reasons:

  • There are parted spouses who communicate in video chats. They frequently experience virtual sex. For such women, a passionate dance will be an excellent tool to turn on a husband.
  • Some users try to challenge themselves and become more self-confident and less shy. They put masks on their faces and dance an anonymous striptease. Interlocutors have no chances to recognize them, and they increase their self-esteem.
  • Some users are keen on having virtual sex with random users in online chats. They are not embarrassed about their naked bodies in front of cameras.

No matter to which group of users you categorize yourself, in any case, the following tips will be useful for every woman who wants to surprise her interlocutor in a video chat.

  1. The chosen track should correspond to your character, nature, mood, and temperament.
  2. Your movements should be smooth, sexy, and slow.
  3. Prefer simple movements. For example, such as circles with your chest, semicircles with hips, body waves, cat-like movements. Avoid complicated ones.
  4. Clothes should be sexy. It includes not only lingerie but also some garment above it.
  5. Mind that clothes should be easily removable. Thus, do not fasten all buttons of a T-shirt or chemise. Alternatively, give preference to tied attire.
  6. Put off clothes gradually.
  7. You should dance without undressing for the first minute of your performance.
  8. As you put off one clothing item, pay a partner’s attention to it by touching it, slightly caressing it, or squeezing it (rarely).
  9. Keep dancing when you’re naked.
  10. Turn around in front of the camera to demonstrate your seductive body from all sides.

Let see an example. You turn on a track. Turn to the camera with your hips and draw circles with them. Then you turn around and do waves with all your body, while your hands move from your hips to your chest and neck. This is how you move during the first minute of your performance. Then you untie your peignoir, turn to the camera with your back, and put it off. Keep dancing and caressing your hips and back. This is how the beginning of your striptease may look like. Your partner in a cam chat will be satisfied.

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