4 major mistakes in preparing a romantic evening

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All people tend to make mistakes, but in romantic relationships mistakes bring the strongest emotional experiences and fateful losses. To prevent this from happening, we advise you to think in advance whether all of this list you took into account.

Dust in the eyes

The desire to make a strong impression on the other half makes us look like peacocks with a blurred tail. A date, for example, is arranged in such a luxurious restaurant that it is simply impossible to hide your deep surprise and even fear when you bring the bill. Believe me, this moaning will certainly not have the right effect.

Vanity Fair

We’re all humble girls, but we all like to talk about ourselves. Especially if the whole holiday is prepared by ourselves (can he do without the details of the preparation of each dish and jewelry!). Alas, when a romantic date turns into an endless stream of boasts, the partner quickly catches the main thing – she admires herself so much that it is unlikely to pay attention to someone else’s merits.


Stamps in the organization of a romantic date are often fatal. You must go to the cinema (to a concert or performance), then have a candlelit dinner in a restaurant and offer to drink coffee at the moment of parting at the entrance. It is the original, fresh look at the script of the date can warm up the feelings of your lover a lot brighter. If you look at his interests and arrange, for example, a trip to the studio sculptor, fashion designer or master tattoo, and there, as if spontaneously, to order a master to produce something particularly delightful object of your love, it is already an application for a pleasant experience.


Excessive frowning in preparing a romantic date can ruin the expected effect. For example, you decided to have an adventure for your soul mate before the evening comes and you are alone. A route is devised with more than 5-7 points to go through during the day. The man gets the most difficult puzzle and only if he manages to solve it, opens the next point where the beloved should be. But this is just the beginning! The next step is to buy a rabbit at the pet store. At the sixth or seventh level of adventure, anticipating a romantic date, a man must go to a tie shop and buy a butterfly, matching the color of the ribbon and mat of the rabbit. Then something else associated with perfume or cufflinks for a shirt, and even after all these tiresome zigzags around the city with puzzles at every stage, he will be rewarded.

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