4 rules for serious online dating

Today, there are more and more happy couples who have met through the Internet. The virtual world is one of the richest resources, where there are chosen for every taste. However, if your main goal is to create a the family and full relationship, you need to be conscious and prudent.

1. Correctly complete the questionnaire

Do you want to be taken seriously? Fill in the form without negativity or provocation. Aggressive remarks are repulsive. Potential partners should not read that you’re offended by this world. Show a mature and happy part of yourself.

Instead of a hundred pictures, tell more about what fills you, what makes you happy. And no spicy bikinis. Let the person you’re talking to wait to meet your personality, not your body.

It’s important to indicate your intentions and sift out those who are looking for an easy relationship. It saves time and nerves. There are enough men and women on the internet looking for family and marriage.

2. Block without conscience

There’s no need to explain why a person isn’t right for you. You don’t want to have a debate whose approach to life is more appropriate. It’s impossible for everyone to be liked. Nor can you be satisfied with all the candidates you meet online. You don’t have to do anything to people you barely know.

Any advanced blogger will tell you that he often removes unnecessary comments and always blocks negative users.

3. Call within one or three days

Say “no” to long messages. It just doesn’t make sense. There are people who are only interested in virtual communication. For example, they’re prison inmates who added pictures of some handsome guy from the Internet to their profile. Instead of fictional love, talk on the phone. In 5 minutes of conversation, you’ll understand more about a person than from miles of correspondence in a chat room. For example, not everyone agrees to talk to a person who swears or is rude.

It’s safe to have an extra phone.

4. Meet no more than once every five days

If in a tumultuous novel everything starts quickly and ends quickly as well, then in our case, a share of caution will not hurt. When it comes to a serious relationship, you can’t trust just a hormonal surge. For example, during your period and ovulation, the chemical reaction between the partners will be different. It is necessary to see the chosen one in different moods and under different life circumstances.

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