6 true signs of true love

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Every woman sooner or later asks a question: “Does he love me or is he just having a good time?” After all, you want to find the one and only one and live happily with him until you get old! But how to understand that he feels the real feelings?

Psychologists advise to trust your feelings first of all, but just in case you need to periodically check the list of items by which you can determine true love.

1. He speaks about the future

Not all men are able to make plans in principle and often have no idea what will happen to them tomorrow, not that in a year. But if your chosen one dreams about the future, says what you will do in a month or five years, then he takes you seriously and is not going to part.

2. He likes without conditions

It is nice when a man cares what you are wearing and whether you have done a new hairstyle. But a truly loving person will accept a woman in any shape, regardless of whether she is fat and plucked eyebrows. He will also not try to remake you or make you do something you wouldn’t want to.

3. His feelings are stable

If a man is satisfied with a roller coaster in a relationship: today he passionately loves, and tomorrow he despises and humiliates, do not think that your feelings are mutual. True love is a powerful and bright feeling, which gives protection and confidence. You should always feel his love and care, not only on holidays.

4. He is afraid to lose you.

A little jealousy will not hurt to show a woman how important and significant she is. After all, all men are owners. If you are dear to a man, he will also never do anything that will push you away, forgive your shortcomings and character traits, will do what you ask, even if you are lazy. True love is a struggle for his woman: with circumstances, with potential rivals.

5. He is really close to you.

And not only in sex, but in everyday life. He frankly talks about what he has in his heart, talks about his desires, discusses his friends. A loving man always puts his woman in the first place, she is always not only a lover, but also a close friend. If you feel that he is not telling you something, hiding it, or you understand he is pretending, do not wait for love until the coffin.

6. He takes care of you

It is not a problem for him to wash the dishes when you are tired, to vacuum the floor and walk with the dog, he runs to the pharmacy without reminding you if you are ill, and always ready to help. He picks you up in a cab from a nightclub, where you went with your friends, and advises you to wear a scarf because it’s cold outside.

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