7 Gestures you Should Use to Attract Attention While Communicating on Random Video Chats

Many people know that not only words do matter while communication. Non-verbal communication plays an even more important role as our brain subconsciously perceives non-verbal signs. This fact is important for those users who spend time in video chat rooms for online dating. If you want to find a pleasant interlocutor or even a soul mate, you should know how to attract a random user and make him/her continue communication. Right gestures and behavior will help you endear users. Here, we offer a list of gestures that are welcomed during a conversation. They are positively perceived.

  1. Open arms. Arms perfectly demonstrate your restraint. When you don’t hold your hands in the same position and move them smoothly, an interlocutor feels that you are frank and relaxed. The demonstration of your palms means your open and reliable attitude towards an interlocutor. On the contrary, crossed hands are the sign of keeping distance and protection.
  2. An open look – when you do not lower your eyes and do not constantly look away, a random user from a cam chat feels that you have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. But it is also important not to go to extremes. If you stare or blink too frequently, this is not a good sign. Thus, it is better to behave naturally. Try to relax and enjoy a conversation with a new acquaintance.
  3. A smile and “warm” not-restrained facial expressions are perceived by interlocutors as kindness and honesty. They help create a positive atmosphere and endear users.
  4. A straight posture is an important part of the image if you want to look self-confident.
  5. Moving closer to the screen means that a person is interested in you and wants to continue communication in a cam chat.
  6. Nodding is considered a sign of approval.  But it is important to use it reasonably. Do not nod all the time. If you use this gesture from time to time, it means that you’re interested in a discussed topic and you support your interlocutor.
  7. Copying your interlocutor’s movements and gestures. The technique reminds of the mirror that lags behind. How does it work? For example, your interlocutor moves closer to the screen during the dialogue. A few seconds or a minute later you move as well. But do not copy all gestures so that not to look ridiculous or embarrass a partner.

These are simple gestures that you can use during making online dating on video chat rooms. They help endear users and create a positive and warm atmosphere. Properly chosen gestures will help develop a pleasant and successful communication.

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