7 The Most Widespread Video Chat Applications: A Short Review

Modern technologies let people video chat with others only having a PC or mobile device. It doesn’t even matter whether this person lives in your area or halfway around the globe; video chat gives everyone an opportunity to keep in touch with relatives, friends and business partners regardless of distance.

Keep In Touch With People Overseas

App Development Companies have already created a great number of irreplaceable video chat applications which help people throughout the world communicate with one another. So what are the most widespread apps it’s worth giving preference to?

  1. Google Duo. Simplicity and an opportunity to make video calls even when the Internet connection is low are the main pros of given application. Google Duo is the most convenient app for video chatting; you are able to make video calls to your friends/business partners/relatives in just one tap. The application lets you contact people who have already installed and activated it.
  2. Skype. This is definitely one of the most widespread video chat applications which has already gained popularity with millions of users from across the globe. This app is an excellent choice for business people who often conduct meetings and webinars. Messenger, file sharing, video calls – all that makes Skype an irreplaceable application for people who want to always keep in touch with others.
  3. WhatsApp. Given app allows you to make voice and video calls to people throughout the globe. It is completely free and makes it possible for you to video chat with your friends and relatives at all times of the day and night without any limitations. You can also create group chats and talk to more than 200 people at one time.
  4. Google Hangouts. It’s a really easy to use application which lets you video chat with up to 10 people simultaneously. It is also possible to create group chats which include up to 150 people, share photos as well as send special emoji and GIFs.
  5. Facebook Messenger. An excellent application for texting with and making video calls to your Facebook friends. You can send text and voice messages, share photos, videos and location, invite people to group chats, upload stories and even play games.
  6. Viber. This easy-to-use application has already become popular with a great number of users. Downloading Viber, you can always keep in touch with people you love making audio or video calls. Viber has some special stickers and GIFs which make the app even more pleasant to use. You may also delete sent message before it’s been seen as well as use special hidden chat feature for protecting you data.
  7. Tango. This application has something in common with regular social networks. Downloading Tango, you become able to contact people who live overseas, search for new acquaintances and play games while video chatting with your friends.

There is a great number of video chat apps which are great for making video calls and keeping in touch with other people even if they live halfway around the world. It may be hard to choose the best application, however the above mentioned list will help you choose the one which is just right for you.

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