Why does a man never say that he loves

Women love their ears. It is extremely important for them to hear compliments, gratitude, pleasant words and, of course, declarations of love from their chosen one. After all, there are never many of them, and they do not get bored. However, not all men are ready to be passionate and passionate in words and almost never talk about love. What is the reason for such behavior, we understand in the article.

InterPals review

The site Interpals (full name Interpals Penpals) is one of the oldest Internet sites for finding friends by correspondence (penpals) in foreign languages. InterPals appeared in 1998 and is still popular today, despite the emergence of social networks and more advanced language sites.

What do you need Interpals for?

InterPals is a social network for learning and practicing foreign languages with the help of other users. The main purpose of the site is to help you find penpals friends for language practice and to meet foreigners.

How do I use Interpals?

If you are familiar with the language social networks, everything is standard.

After registering on the site, you need to fill out your profile, telling about yourself, the languages you are studying and your interests. Be sure to fill out the “About” section because this information is shown in the user search.

Go to the “Search” section and, specifying the search options, find future penpals.

Once you open a member’s profile, you can read about нем\ней in more detail, add them to your friends, or write a message. The site has privacy settings that forbid adding members to friends without first unsubscribing or make the profile completely closed (you can’t write, add to friends).

You can bookmark users without adding them to your friends (“Bookmarks”).

All users have a “Wall” on which they or others can leave entries – like on normal, non-language social networks.

Spam bots and all kinds of bad people are somehow the problem of many linguistic social networks. In case you start writing spammers, there are “Block” and “Report” buttons.

Here you can post pictures to your album and comment on them.

In the picture above you can see the “Language Exchange” button – essentially the same “Search” button, but on the other side. Specify which language you want to practice and the search produces users by these parameters.

Forums on Interpals Penpals

Another curious feature of Interpals is forums. The design of forums, as well as the whole site, looks old-fashioned. Here you can sign up for absolutely any topic – a good way to practice if you want to develop your writing skills.

Is it worth using Interpals?

Interpals may not like the outdated design, the presence of advertising, modest functionality. After a while, you may start to get overwhelmed by unwanted users. However, its main function is to find foreigners to practice foreign languages on this site.

Pure review

Pure is a place where people come to meet new people and for bright impressions. At the same time, your personal life stays private because Pure doesn’t require names or social networks. Everyone you see in the feed is online, ready for adventure and waiting to meet you. All chats are encrypted and deleted automatically after 24 hours, but by mutual consent, you can turn off the chat destruction timer. What you and your conversation partner or your conversation partner share in chats cannot be saved to your device. 

A quick guide to dating online, or How to turn online communication into a serious relationship

The attitude to dating through the web is very ambiguous. Some people think it’s a waste of time, while others celebrate a wedding with the other half, who were found through the Internet. With certainty, we can say only one thing: the popularity of dating sites is growing day by day. The explanation is simple: in this way you can communicate with people from any country, of any age and status, and thus increase many times the chance to find a person with similar interests and tastes.

Ways to forget about time on dating sites

One of the most popular reasons why people start exploiting the Internet regularly is the fact that it lets them relax after a long day at work and forget about any problems they have. One of the most useful options you can utilize to rest is to communicate with other people. However, these can be not only your real friends or family members but also people who you don’t know offline.

3 most effective Ways to diversify your Quarantine Weekdays

Are you fed up with sitting at home? Do you feel that you’re close to getting mad because of depressing four walls and an unchanging atmosphere? It becomes more and more difficult to find something new and interesting around yourself while spending time on your sofa during quarantine. Have you already tried all sorts of indoor entertainment? We are going to offer you one more way to make your boring days livelier.

Coronaviridae is not a Threat for Online Communication in Video Chats

Coronaviridae is the main threat of the current generation. It is the virus that pervades almost all countries. Countries close borders; people cancel concerts, matches, and all events where lots of people are gathered. Thus, many people are afraid of leaving their homes and try to spend all the days inside their flats.

Dating websites for senior people

As some elderly individuals believe the internet has taken over the modern society, and in fact they are partially right. For example, young adults cannot even imagine their subsistence without using their personal mobile phones or laptops.

Furthermore, the internet has become one of the main places for those people who have decided to start dating because there are thousands of online platforms developed specifically for such a purpose. However, there is one but quite significant problem in these websites, and this is the fact that only a limited number of people use them. As the statistics demonstrates the majority of those who have created their personal profiles for dating online are younger than 35 years old. And what should people who are over 50? The software engineers were also concerned about such an issue, that’s why they developed dating websites specifically for this group of people. Here are the most useful online services for those individuals who are over 50.


This program is developed specifically for senior individuals who are looking for their true love. People who have created their personal profiles there are allowed not simply to go through a list of their matches but also to new ones via searching. Moreover, users can see which profiles they have already visited. So, there won’t be a risk to write the same person twice.

Plenty of Fish

Even though Plenty of Fish isn’t created specifically for those individuals who are over 50, it’s still quite helpful for them because a lot of senior people prefer this website because of its nice and simple interface which makes it easier to use.

While creating an account one has to answer several questions in order to find those users who have similar interests and personal preferences. To be sure that this match will be a great choice one is allowed to use different filters. Moreover, one is also allowed to browse users.


This’s is one of the most recent programs for dating. To start using its features one ought to download it. The main difference of this platform is the fact that there is no swiping option.


SilverSingles is the best option for mature individuals because it’s developed specifically for this group of people. To find a date one has to fill out a personality test, and the program will send him from 3 to 7 people who have the same answers.