First date: How do you find out if he’s right for you?

A first date is sometimes like a job interview. In order not to fall into the mud face and understand whether the game of candles, we advise to take the advice of experienced recruiters.

If you look closely, it becomes obvious that the first date and interview for a new position – one field of berries. However, the date for certain reasons is much more complicated “procedure”. Let you are surrounded not by printers and scanners, and a nice interior of a trendy restaurant, you are between two lights, representing both “employer” and “potential candidate”. In a couple of hours you have to show yourself in all its glory and inspect the interlocutor for the necessary skills.

Find out about your previous work experience

Just as an experienced employer with his own sensitivity and meticulousness finds out the details of his previous work experience, so you should also explore his previous relationship. As in the first case, delicacy is the key to success. Of course, you will not get the whole background at once, but certainly the main stages of the “career” you will be happy to describe. The latter will help you find out both the intentions of the interlocutor, and their compliance with your requirements.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

An experienced recruiter knows that sometimes it is more important to learn not the strengths of a person, but his weaknesses. The negative side sometimes tells a lot more than the positive side. Your task is to carefully ask your interlocutor about the shortcomings. By the way, at this point it is quite acceptable to tell about their little weaknesses.

Having inspected the shortcomings, do not forget to ask to tell about the pros, because it is the positive qualities that attract us to people. If you have certain requirements for the personality of a potential partner (care, ambition or generosity), do not hesitate to ask directly. Believe me, you will be surprised how some people like to praise themselves (by the way, it is also worth paying attention).

Find out your level of education

If you have more than one university degree, and your candidate has only a school diploma, it is likely that you will find it difficult to get along. It’s not a decisive criterion, but it’s definitely important. And note that inquiries about education is one of the safest items on our list, so you can safely start your date with it.

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