How to control your emotions

It’s hard to disagree with the statement that people have to deal with a lot of stressful situations these days. Most of the human beings receive negative emotions not only when they are working but also while talking with their relatives and friends. Unfortunately, it can lead to a situation when a person cannot control his negative feelings, and as a result, he can harm his family members even if he doesn’t want to behave in such a way. If you are suffering from such an issue and are eager to get rid of it, this article will be helpful for you.

Situations when you cannot control your emotions

The first thing you have to do in order to begin managing your emotional state is to realize when you cannot control your feelings. You can even make a list of those situations which you consider to be the most stressful for you. Furthermore, you need to understand what you start feeling when your emotions cannot be managed. This is not only about your mental state but also about the way you feel physically at that exact moment. For example, many people realize what they have a quicker heart rate at those minutes, and other human beings begin to gasping unexpectedly.

You will be able to understand the situation better if you try to slow down. Such an action will help you feel less anxious.

Breathe deeply

Most of those human beings who cannot deal with their emotions start breathing too fast. However, this action is the worst thing a person can do in this case. If you want to fight against your problem, you need to start breathing slowly. Deep inhale will help you calm down not only your mind but also your body. Professionals recommend to try this technique:

  • Firstly, put one palm on your chest and another one under rib cage and start breathing. You should inhale slowly through your nose. While doing it count up to 4.
  • Secondly, you ought to hold your breath for 2 seconds. After that exhale through your mouth (it also should be slow). Such an exercise needs to be repeated at least 6 times in a raw.

However, if you feel uncomfortable while doing such an exercise, don’t force yourself. For the first time you can count up to 2 when you are inhaling. After several days of practice it gets much easier.

Try to avoid negative emotions

This is quite an obvious tip. However, even those people who understand that it’s difficult for them to control their emotions don’t use them. But it’s easy to complete. Simply try not to talk to annoying people.

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