How to understand if your online friend loves you

Online Dating in Video Chat

Certainly, the internet has become one of the most significant things in people’s lives. Many of us believe that they would not have survived in the modern society if they had not had gadgets connected to the internet. And it’s hard to argue with such an adoption because human beings spend hours a day on the internet. They use it not only while they’re working but also when they are going to rest. Modern technologies have made our lives much easier. For example, we couldn’t even imagine a dozen of years ago that it would be possible for us to order food or clothes on an online store.

However, when we are talking about the internet, we shouldn’t forget that there not only advantages. One of the most essential shortages of modern devices is that we have become less confident with other individuals since the internet was developed. We would rather use a map on our smart phones instead of asking strangers on the street how to get to the particular place. To decrease the lack of communication the developers have created special websites which are known as video chats. These services can be used if one wants to talk to a person who lives in the different part of the world. There are some chatting rooms where you can meet people with the same interests as yours. However, some of your online mates can treat you not as a pal but as a point of interest. This article will help find out if your online crony loves you.

The number of messages you receive from him

Look how much time your friend spends texting you. An individual who treats you only as a mate won’t write to you in any situation. Furthermore, notice if he texts when you are offline. If he does, it can mean that the only thing he thinks during the day is you.

The quality of messages

Some people can simply write to each other for the whole day even if they’re only friends. However, this time of messages is quite meaningless. For example, they can send emojis to each other or some funny pictures. However, if your mate is in love with you, the quality of his messages will be absolutely different. The main thing he is interested is how you spend your day or what you’re going to do. Furthermore, he will always ask your advice if he is in a trouble.

Look if he flirts

Even friends can do compliments to each other. However, if he tells you how much he likes the way you look or think, he wants to show how much you mean to him.

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