InterPals review

The site Interpals (full name Interpals Penpals) is one of the oldest Internet sites for finding friends by correspondence (penpals) in foreign languages. InterPals appeared in 1998 and is still popular today, despite the emergence of social networks and more advanced language sites.

What do you need Interpals for?

InterPals is a social network for learning and practicing foreign languages with the help of other users. The main purpose of the site is to help you find penpals friends for language practice and to meet foreigners.

How do I use Interpals?

If you are familiar with the language social networks, everything is standard.

After registering on the site, you need to fill out your profile, telling about yourself, the languages you are studying and your interests. Be sure to fill out the “About” section because this information is shown in the user search.

Go to the “Search” section and, specifying the search options, find future penpals.

Once you open a member’s profile, you can read about нем\ней in more detail, add them to your friends, or write a message. The site has privacy settings that forbid adding members to friends without first unsubscribing or make the profile completely closed (you can’t write, add to friends).

You can bookmark users without adding them to your friends (“Bookmarks”).

All users have a “Wall” on which they or others can leave entries – like on normal, non-language social networks.

Spam bots and all kinds of bad people are somehow the problem of many linguistic social networks. In case you start writing spammers, there are “Block” and “Report” buttons.

Here you can post pictures to your album and comment on them.

In the picture above you can see the “Language Exchange” button – essentially the same “Search” button, but on the other side. Specify which language you want to practice and the search produces users by these parameters.

Forums on Interpals Penpals

Another curious feature of Interpals is forums. The design of forums, as well as the whole site, looks old-fashioned. Here you can sign up for absolutely any topic – a good way to practice if you want to develop your writing skills.

Is it worth using Interpals?

Interpals may not like the outdated design, the presence of advertising, modest functionality. After a while, you may start to get overwhelmed by unwanted users. However, its main function is to find foreigners to practice foreign languages on this site.

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