Popular Video Chats for Pleasant Pastime during Quarantine

Zoom is one of the most popular online video chats for communication, tutoring, and video conferencing. This platform has become even more demanding during the epidemic.

The main peculiarities of the cam chat are:

  • You can gather up to 50 participants within an online conference. It can be either your subordinates, colleagues, or friends.
  • The service is perfect either for work or leisure.
  • It is well protected from hacker attacks. If you use password access, you can be sure that you’re safe.
  • There are many useful tools (such as an interactive board) for tutoring or holding job conferences.
  • The cam chat is characterized by a high-quality connection.
  • It is possible to record your communication in video chat rooms.
  • It is possible to set blurred or lovely backgrounds is you want to hide the interior of your room.

Generally speaking, the cam chat is a high-quality professional platform for any kind of remote activity whether it is dating, simple chatting, tutoring, or working and professional matters. However, other resources can also be used for online communication. Let’s consider them.

What else can you use besides Zoom?

Zoom is far from being the only video chat that “wins” due to quarantine. Analysts say file-sharing companies such as Dropbox or electronic signature services like DocuSign are also in high demand. The popularity of such cloud companies will obviously increase as the whole world moves to online communications. However, in addition to Zoom, people use other applications for video communication.

  • Skype. The application offers its own data storage with file storage for up to 30 days. Free access to a complete set of tools is an obvious plus of the cam chat. Up to 50 participants can join a conference. The disadvantages of the video chat include the lack of technical support and the need for self-tuning of sound and video parameters.
  • FaceTime. It is available for iOS operating system only. The owners of the latest iPhone or iPad models with Face ID feature can chat using animated emoticons – Memoji or Animoji. Its disadvantages include a limited number of conference participants, which is equal to 32 people.
  • WhatsApp. The chat is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. All functions are standard: voice and video calling, file sharing, group audio, and video conferencing. By the way, the number of participants in a conference is also limited.
  • Talky is a communication application for a small group of users. Their number can reach a maximum of 15 people. Talky works as a web service.

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