Scammers in Video Chats: How Not to Get Into the Trap?

With the development of Internet technologies, a new way of fraud has appeared. The Internet is a perfect place for scammers where they can spread out the netting in which naïve users should be trapped. Unfortunately, unless being aware of possible threats of virtual communication, more and more users become the victims of scammers.

What Types Of Fraud Are The Most Widespread?

    • Financial fraud
      This type of scamming is traditionally the leading one. Skilled scammers easily pull the wool over users’ eyes, so that victims even do not understand that they gave a sum of money to a dishonest interlocutor. Each cheater has his/her own story or even several fairytales. Usually, users realize that they have become a victim only when the person disappeared or disconnected.


  • Blackmail
    Here is one more way to play up naïve users. Usually, scammers get some provocative information or data and further blackmail interlocutors. These are photos, video, or other evidence. Being afraid of shame or ruining the reputation, people are ready to fulfill scammers’ requirements.
    Here’s one useful tip: if you are blackmailed by photos, it is easy to say that your page has been hacked and someone used Photoshop to blackmail you.


  • Sexual abuse
    This type of cheating is possible while dating in a real life. If you decided to meet your interlocutor after communication in video chat, do not forget that you can be ensnared in an abusive situation. There are lots of schemes when victims truly believe their “hunters”. That’s why it is necessary to keep sober thinking during the whole date unless it is rather difficult.


How To Identify An Honest Interlocutor And Avoid Getting Caught In Scammers’ Netting?

Unfair users are usually perfect psychologists and know how to find an approach to each victim. Thus, one gets trapped and even does not realize it. In order to find an honest interlocutor keep vigilant and do not give any personal information that can be used against you. When dating in video chat and starting communication with a random user, speak about neutral topics.
If you are going to meet in a real life, it’s better to avoid closed spaces or solitary places, as well as deserted streets. It is also advisable not to get into a car or other vehicle, ride a motorcycle.
Scammers may wait for you everywhere and anytime. Thus, try to keep vigilant. But it’s not the reason for avoiding video chats. If you develop the conversation correctly, your dating will be successful.

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