Why does a man never say that he loves

Women love their ears. It is extremely important for them to hear compliments, gratitude, pleasant words and, of course, declarations of love from their chosen one. After all, there are never many of them, and they do not get bored. However, not all men are ready to be passionate and passionate in words and almost never talk about love. What is the reason for such behavior, we understand in the article.

1.    He does not speak because he does not love

Despite the fact that women consider almost all men to be chatterboxes and liars, many of them are not ready to confess their love without feeling it. In this case, it is worth paying close attention to the actions of the man and his behavior. Perhaps there you will find the answer to your question and make sure that, unfortunately, there are no real feelings for you.

2.    Does not speak, because he is afraid of

Not only women have negative experiences in relationships. Men, too, are disappointed, suffer, worried and afraid to make a mistake again, as well as women of the fair sex. Give your chosen one time, maybe he will reconsider his views, receiving irrefutable evidence of your loyalty, and confess his love to you.

3 He does not speak, because he is not sure yet.

Yes, he definitely likes you, and he has feelings for you, but he is not ready to confess yet, because for him words of love mean a lot – it’s a certain responsibility, not just a beautiful statement to impress you.

4.    He does not speak, because a year ago he was saying

Some men are guided by this rule: if he is with a woman, it is the best proof of his feelings for her. Others generally say: “Well, I tolerate it all …”, thus making it clear that in the absence of love, he all these things, that is, you, he would not tolerate. Of course, there is logic in this, but you shouldn’t expect such men to feel something, to predict it, sometimes even to get into your situation. Let’s say directly, they do not care what their partner feels, and they can treat her quite sincerely.

Most men, because of their upbringing, have a hard time realizing themselves in the emotional sphere. In some ways, they are more closed, less trusting and experience complexes. Therefore, when it comes to the feelings of a man, you should pay more attention not to what your partner says, but to what your chosen one does. After all, there are a lot of ways to tell about your love not directly, but by caring. 

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